Going about your honeymoon planning with your travel agent

  • Planning a honeymoon with the right travel agent will ensure everything is well planned out with being worried about tickets, reservations, sigh-seeing and inturn you can enjoy a great holiday after such an eventful celebration in Goa. Yes, it a little bit of research is sufficient to book a holiday online with a few clicks but for an  such an important outing  as your honeymoon getting the right travel agent to do so has many benefits. Itinerary options are the most complicated in planning a trip, travel agents do this for a living and therefore will  enhance your globetrotting experience. Not only that, travel agents have access to the best discounts, hotel reservations and deals being in the business so, here are a few pointers to help find the right agent for you.
    Getting a bit of research done on the country you plan to visit and the type of itinerary you would like to have along with what you are willing to spend on it is a good start. You can prepare a shortlist of two to three places before you meet your agent. Browsing online will give you a fair idea of the costs of a particular destination along with what are the must do’s there.
    The best agents work as consultants, their experience can be a real asset when planning out your honeymoon. You can get a lot of insights on the locations of the hotels, the best places to go out and dine and also how you can prepare the right itinerary. Agents that have plenty of images and displays in the office is a great way to ask a few questions just to know how much they know about a particular place.
    You can look at The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) ito get started if you are looking for agents that have the right credibility associated with them as the ASTA does look at complaints registered with them and further investigate it even revoking memberships if found at fault. Since you are planning your honeymoon trip, an agent with the experience of being in the business for years along with the right credentials will be in a better position to plan the entire trip for you rather than someone who is not. Many have certifications as a Certified Travel Counselor or even as an Destination Specialists for a pre-defined set of countries, therefore knowing the agents background will give you an better understanding of what their strong points are.
    Travel agents do charge a fee for their consultation more so to avoid ‘window-shoppers’ that visit them just to plan and put at itinerary together and then go-ahead and book the tickets themselves. Very often agents that waive off this fee once you are ready to book the trip with them, nevertheless if you find value in what the agent is providing you with, making room for an small fee for a well planned honeymoon is worth it.
    Many honeymooners work with a budget for their trip and being upfront with the agent will help him to plan and make the necessary adjustments as required depending on your priorities. You might be keen on living in the main city area and don’t mind comprising on the size or quality of the room, informing the agent in advance will help accordingly. The dates of travel also make a difference on the trips spending due to seasonal pricing or discounts during a particular period. Check out WW Events for a wedding celebration in Goa.